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Design Registration in Bangalore

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Design Registration: Documents needed

  • Application filed in on the prescribed form (form –I) with the prescribed  fees
  • Representation of the article
  • Representation sheet with statement of novelty and disclaimer in terms of letter, work, trademark, numerals, and mechanical action
  • Power of attorney if required

How to obtain Industrial Design Protection in India?

The application procedure for Design protection is fairly simple. Design applications can be filed through e-filing or paper filing mechanisms. There are several formal requirements which need to be fulfilled when applying for an Industrial Design. All designs are categorized as per the Locarno Classification for Industrial Designs, and filing is done as per the class that pertains to the design in question, the designs are categorized and the filing is also done according to the class which the particular design belongs to.

The application then goes through an examination process, In Industrial Design; the examination is generally formal in nature, with small substances involved in identifying new aspects with respect to available prior arts. The applicant receives a communication from the Design office regarding any objections, we apprise you with the objection report along with our analysis and further directions. After rectifying the application based on the objections and responding to the Design Office, the application will be granted if all the requirements are met. Once granted, and if there is no objection from any third party sources, the design is exclusive to the owner for the time period mentioned above.

Why should one look into filing for Industrial Design?

Industrial designs make a product attractive and appealing to customers. Design drives consumer’s choice: the appearance of a product can be a key factor in the consumer’s purchase decision. This leads to the need to protect your creation from third parties’ use, in order to prevent them from taking advantage of your rights in this world of competition. The visual appearance of the product makes it appealing, attractive, and distinct from others. By protecting the Industrial Design, the proprietor will be able to restrain others from copying and illegally adopting same or similar looking products in the market. Some of the most famous examples are Coca Cola’s contour bottle, the contours of the iPhone/iPad/iPod, and the shape of the Volkswagen Beetle and the Mini Cooper.

Protection helps convey a positive image of a company since industrial designs are business assets which may increase the market value of a company and its products.

Our expertise has benefited several clients in different stages of Industrial Design protection. Industrial Design experts at TaxadvisorIndia will help you be assured that all your industrial design procedures are successfully completed.

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