Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing specialists in many countries are integrated. The result is an inclusive guide to help multinationals contract with changing legislation and the requirement to drive efficiency through reform.

  • Compliance review Monthly/Quarterly & Annually
  • ITP & DP compliance
  • FEMA compliance
  • Management Report on internal control system

As more and more financial system takes on board the concept of Transfer Pricing system, original rules, documents principles and prices are being passed to put into effect and administer the system. This impacts the tax planning, fulfilment and reporting responsibility of multinationals. Developing business arrangement necessitates appraisal of Transfer Pricing representation, and it is at this time that the Transfer Pricing answer offered by us can help customers to attain the desired purpose.

Transfer pricing in India:

  • Timely and efficiently meeting the statutory requirements
  • Minimizing the audit risk
  • Maintaining Internal policy of the company in the better way
  • Standardized data process and transfer pricing calculation criteria
  • Rational Information Technology procedure and system
  • Reducing indirect compliance cost

Transaction terms of the commerce:

  • Identify the assets employed and risk unspecified by each entity involved in the transactions:
  • Forecasts, budgets, estimates
  • Account of financial analysis undertaken
  • Purpose of method to be applied and basis for rejection of other methods
  • Determination of arm length price
  • Financial ratios chosen is strong-minded by Functional Analysis, natural history of the business, ease of use of in sequence and details of the transaction below review