Society/NGO Registration in Bangalore

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An NGO can be formed either as a Society under Societies Registration Act or as a Trust under Indian Trust Act

NGO is a non-governmental organization created by natural persons or legal entities that acts for the welfare of people.  The term NGO originated from the United Nations, and normally refers to organizations that are non-government and non-profit organizations.

The section 20 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 states that military orphan funds, charitable societies, societies formed for the promotion and development of science, literature, instruction, the diffusion of useful knowledge and political education, the foundation, preservation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms, mechanical and philosophical inventions, societies established at the various presidencies of India, public museums and galleries of paintings, collection of natural history and instruments or designs can be registered under this act.

Registration Of NGO As Society In Bangalore:

It is to be noted that Societies Registration Act, 1860 is a federal act in India. Another significant point is that the states with charity commissioner not only need to be registered under the Societies Registration Act, but also under the Bombay Public Trusts Act. Two kinds of society may be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The process of registering NGO as society differs or varies from state to state.

Having jurisdiction within the state of registration. The minimum number of members is seven, in which three people must be from the respective state to hold post of president, secretary & Treasurer. Shall have jurisdiction throughout the country. There have to be seven members from seven different states. And three-member from the state in which registration is applied to hold post of president, secretary & Treasurer.

· Proposed Name of the TRUST

· Original Trust Deed or a certified copy.

· Minimum 2 (Two Trustee)

· Application for Incorporation of Trustees as a Board The application must be signed by the majority of trustees.

· Name, Occupation, Address, Age, Father’s Name, Designation, Mobile Number, Email Address, Designation and Two Photograph of all Trustees required.

· Address Proof of Trustee & Settler required:- Voter I.D / Driving license / Passport.

· Main Object of the Trust.

· Office Address Proof of the Society – Electricity Bill / House Tax Receipt / Water Bill Receipt/ Ownership Prof of Property.

· In case of Rented, Rent Deed duly notarized with rent receipt and NOC form Land Lord on Rs 10/- Stamp Paper. Name of Landlord, Father’s name, Residence Address.

· Physical Presence of Settler / all required at the time of Registration along with Original ID.

· Physical Presence of Two witness with original ID Proof at the Time of Registration.


An NGO can be registered as Trust however, the creation of trust accepts existence of property. As per the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, the trust can be created through a trust deed, the trust deed requires mandatory registration with the registrar of documents.

  • Proposed Name of Society.
  • Main Object of Society in detail.
  • Any other or further documents which the registrar may ask during the registration process.
  • An Affidavit from the president that none of the office bearer is blood relative among themselves.
  • A Power of attorney in our name / advocate to file, represent and collect the certificate of registration.
  • Memorandum of Association of the society & Rules and regulations of the society.
  • List of desirous persons with following details:
  • -Name,- Fathers Name, Date of Birth, -Address, -Occupation, Post held in the society, – Signature, along with Residence
  • Identity proof of all such persons (self-attested)
  • 2 Person Photograph.
  • Electricity Bill copies of the premises where the society is to be registered (attested by the president, secretary & Treasurer) No Objection from the owner in form of an affidavit on Rs. 10-50 Non judicial stamp paper duly notarized. And also Address proof of Owner/Landlord.

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